Questions & Answers

Here we´d like to answer questions frequently asked. If your question should not be answerd here do not hestitate to contanct us.


What does "Price Range" mean?

< = less than

> = more than

0 = on Request


Do you offer training camps?

We offer after sales services to our our customers exclusively. One are training camps during holidays or just for one day to support your further riding future.

Can you sell my sporthorses?

Yes, we can sell your sporthorses either in commission or as a broker.


Are all offered sporthorses located in your stable?

You can visit us comfortably at our Stable, and see all of our horses at one place.

Do your sporthorses have a vet check?

Horses growing up with us will be X-rayed at the age of 3 or 4 years. All other horses are fully examined at the purchase, that means all have a current vet check with clinical minutes and radiographs (mostly digital).


Do you have still more sporthorses for sale than on the homepage?

We usually have new horses in the stable not yet listed, and we know in our region many other horses you might be interested.

Have you already sold abroad?

We have sold many horses throughout the world, for example we have regular customers from America who come back to us again and again.


I come from a foreign country and I am looking for a sporthorse – How do I have to proceed?

We will pick you up from the airport (usually Stuttgart), organize a hotel and bring you into our stable. Beyond that we plan a route with you in our region and know many other horses all over Germany.


I bought a sporthorse in Germany and want to transport it to America, how that can be done?

We have sold numerous horses overseas and to other countries, so we have a lot of experience and know all the necessary tests; including which shipping company or flight transport to use. We can organize everything for you.


How do I insure my horse?

If either the buyer has a domicile in Germany, or the horse is located in Germany, it can be obtained from our isurance company (VTV): liability-, transport-, accident- or life insurance.

Will you take my horse in payment if I buy a sporthorse from you?

In principle yes; You simply bring photos and/or videos to us.


If I buy a horse from you and afterwards it does not work properly, will you provide assistance?

We would like to satisfy all our customers, therefore we will always to our best to help you. For example we are willing to offer training for the horse and/or rider, an exchange for another horse or we can sell the horse for you.