Horses for Sale - top-class+Jumpers

Are you searching for Sporthorses, Dressage Horses, Jumpers or high potential youngsters? We find the horse of your benefits - as Sporthorses or Jumper or Dressage Horses - all over Germany and the Benelux-States, we organize induvidual tours and are coordinating saleshorses to show you at our stables and riding area.

Our base are big variety of young sporthorses and experienced sporthorses from the breeder directly which we train and sell either by ourselve or in commision.

We also offer you the after sale service to organize the vet check and transportaion of your new sporthorse to your country.


Training Level: S**

Age: 9

Height: 16.53 hands

Father: Quidam´s Rubin

Mothers father: Argentinus

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won up to 1,40m classes, placed in 1,45m classes


Training Level: S***

Age: 10

Height: 16.92 hands

Father: Catoki

Mothers father: Espri/Servus

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Actually successful up till 1,40m/1,45m. International placed.


Training Level: A**

Age: 5

Height: 16.24 hands

Father: Zhivago

Mothers father: Kolibri

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Training Level: S*

Age: 8

Height: 16.63 hands

Father: Colorit

Mothers father: Sansouci

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Placed in 1,40 m


Training Level: A*

Age: 4

Height: 16.53 hands

Father: Comte

Mothers father: Corrado

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Training Level: none

Age: 3

Height: 16.43 hands

Father: Clarcon (Casall/Cassini I)

Mothers father: Cheppetto (Cento/Ramiro) GM v: Lord Calando (Lord/Cantus)

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